• Exclusive resellers of Magos

    June 20, 2017

    Magos – a unique and advanced solution for the protection of open area

  • Start-up activities in Cyberspace

    March 14, 2016

    Gold n’links Are proud to launch the new company start-up activities in cyberspace. For more information press this link:

  • JV with EvvoLabs

    February 02, 2016

    Gold n’links are pleased to announce the signing on MOU with EvvoLabs on a joint venture in South-East Asia.  

About Us

We are specialists in the field of Home and Land Security (HLS) and Defense.

Gold n Links specializes in analyzing all types of security related challenges and provides expert advice and risk aversion strategies combined with  world class innovative and state of the art technological solutions and training on these, giving our customers the ability to protect their customers and assets.

Our Services

  • Gold n Links HLS Solutions

    Our team of experts retain both the means and the ends to provide our clients with expert advice and practical strategies to address security challenges. Included in our services is hands-on training on most of the advanced technological security products and solutions we offer.

    We offer a wide range of world class and state of the art advanced technological security products and solutions. Apart from providing these, we also offer hands-on and on-site training on most of these solutions.

    Below please find a limited selection of some of the products, solutions and companies we represent.

Our Partners