Start-up activities in Cyberspace

Gold n’links Are proud to launch the new company start-up activities in cyberspace.
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JV with EvvoLabs

Gold n’links are pleased to announce the signing on MOU with EvvoLabs on a joint venture in South-East Asia.


Collaboration with Sensoguard

Gold n’links are pleased to announce the start of collaboration with Sensoguard and their SafeWay technology.

SafeWay Security System provides a comprehensive solution for access-routeprotection. It is based on sensitive seismic technology which is used worldwide for detection of earthquakes.

SafeWay operates with seismic sensors which recognize threats whenever fluctuationsare sensed in their vicinity. The system identifies the intruder’s movements as soon as he enters the access route, road or path, and provides an early warning before the intrusion actually occurs.

Top Radar Systems

Gold N’ Links is proud to introduce Magos Systems – Cutting edge radar systems.

Magos systems specializes in Radars – having its R&D and Manufacturing in-house to ensure supply of the latest cutting edge technology in radar systems. Magos’ radar is a unique 360-view radar, easy to deploy and manage with dis-regard functions and real-time view thus offering the best in radar technology an the most affordable price.

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Cargo Safe-Keep & Monitoring

Gold N’ Links is proud to introduce Contguard – The Only way to safe-transport Cargo today!!

Contguard specializes in safe keeping your cargo by use of a simple, smart and fail-proof monitoring unit allowing our clients to get real-time global location tagging as well as smart notifications on any breakthrough attempts, container tampering attempts, mishandling, etc. The service is offered from start-to-end and also includes guarded cargo escort on-land, remote monitoring, inside content monitoring and much much more.

Gold N’ Links – You’re safe with us!


New site launched

Our new site has been launched today. Enjoy your visit